Loving Clarity – Rose Quartz, Howlite, and Lava Rock Bracelet

Loving Clarity - Rose Quartz, Howlite, and Lava Rock Bracelet


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This beautiful, authentic, and handcrafted bracelet is starring Pink Rose Quartz, White Howlite, and Black Lava.

Pink Rose Quartz is a beautiful crystal that connects with the heart chakra and is the ideal crystal for zodiac signs Taurus and Libra. This crystal inspires showing love towards oneself, self-acceptance, helps you recognize your inner beauty, and helps you form a genuine appreciation for yourself. Rose Quartz is also perfect for aligning the body to a state of peace by releasing any tension, stress, and heartbreak. If you are looking for more self-love or wanting to attract more love into your life, Pink Rose Quartz is for you.

White Howlite is a beautiful stone that connects with the crown chakra and is the ideal stone for Gemini. This featured stone is known to inspire patience, peace, and regulation for overactive minds by bringing stillness to the mind. White Howlite is famous for bringing balance to your emotional world, creating positive thoughts, and instilling clarity. If you are desiring a peace of mind, White Howlite is the perfect fit for you.

Black Lava is a grounding stone that connects with the root chakra and is the ideal stone for the zodiac Scorpio. Black lava is known for it’s calming effects and inspires feelings of strength, stability, and courage. Something interesting about this stone is that it gives energy to the user, so they may achieve what they wish to achieve. This stone is perfect for times of change, as it will ground your energies and provide you the appropriate strength to do so.

• 8 mm Rose Quartz Stones: love, happiness, passion, personal growth.
• 8 mm Howlite Stones: focus, calm, clarity, balance.
• 8 mm Lava Rock Stones: grounding, stability, courage.
• 8 mm Crystal Rhinestone Spacer Beads.
• Standard Size: 6”

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