Inner Revelation – Moonstone and Amethyst Bracelet

Inner Revelation - Moonstone and Amethyst Bracelet




These beautiful, authentic, and handcrafted bracelets feature Moonstone and Amethyst.

Moonstone is a beautiful crystal that connects with the sacral, third eye, and crown chakra and is the ideal crystal for zodiac signs Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, and Libra. This crystal is particularly unique in the sense that it is deeply connected to the moon and therefore channels the Divine feminine energy the moon stands for. As each moon cycle offers the opportunity for personal growth, moonstone encourages it’s user to take hold of these opportunities. It helps cleanse the chakras and release emotional blockages, which in turn stabilizes the emotional body. Moonstone is also renowned to activate the higher chakras, opening up psychic abilities and a higher sense of intuition. If you are looking for a deeper connection with yourself and you are ready to embrace your Divine femineity, Moonstone will be the perfect aid for you.

Amethyst connects with the 3rd eye chakra and crown chakra and is best suited for zodiac signs Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Amethyst sheds light on negative emotional patterns, beliefs, and attachments, so it may cleanse your aura of such negative energy. Amethyst’s soothing energy allows a deeper sense of calm within, inspiring a peaceful state of being. This in turn will allow you to be better able to connect with the deep inner wisdom within, even enhancing and learning to trust your intuition and psychic abilities. If you are looking to transform your state of being and deepen the connection with yourself, Amethyst is perfect for you.

The combination of Moonstone and Amethyst gives a bracelet that will aid in cleansing and renewing the emotional body, providing a calm and serene state of being, which in turn allows the wisdom within to bubble up to the surface to be seen and accepted.

• 8 mm Moonstone Stones: balance, intuition, cleansing, transformation.
• 8 mm Amethyst Stones: calm, cleansing, intuition, spiritual growth.
• 8 mm Crystal Rhinestone Spacer Beads.
• Standard Size: 6”
• Large Size: 6 ½“

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