Ignited Passion – Rainbow Tourmaline Bracelet

Ignited Passion - Rainbow Tourmaline Bracelet




This beautiful, authentic, and handcrafted bracelet features Rainbow Tourmaline.

Rainbow Tourmaline connects with the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakra and is the ideal crystal for the zodiac sign Libra. Being able to connect with each chakra, Rainbow Tourmaline harmonizes and balances out energy encouraging an aligned you. It can help rid negative emotions and heal old wounds while igniting your passion and enthusiasm for life again. If you are looking to feel like a kid again and find that excitement that used to exist, Rainbow Tourmaline will be your perfect companion.

• 4 mm Rainbow Tourmaline Stones: balance, cleansing, passion,
• 5 mm Sterling Silver Flower Charm.
• Standard Size: 6”
• Large Size: 6 ½”

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Additional information


Large, Standard

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